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As a cutting edge language, Converge has had, and will continue to have, a slightly unusual release schedule:

When Description

2.* (future) Version 2.0 will be the first version of Converge intended for mass use. Version 2.0 will contain an entirely new VM and a more feature-rich and efficient compiler. There is no particular date set for this release, and it is not expected in the near or medium future. Interested users are encouraged not to wait and to try out the 1.* family.
1.* (current) These versions of Converge are largely (though not completely) stable alpha releases, considered usable by those interested in novel programming languages. There are still some experimental aspects to the language and implementation, and backwards-incompatible changes will occur, though hopefully not often. Weaknesses particularly relate to the virtual machine which is inefficient and internally inconsistent, though eminently usable for most everyday tasks. As the 1.* series transitions to 2.*, the alpha status is likely to be changed to beta.
0.* (historic) 0.* versions were extremely experimental research languages, prone to regular change, and intended only for the hardiest of users.

Converge releases can be downloaded from the releases page.