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Converge for Unix

Version 0.4 (2005/05/14)

Installation steps:
  1. Download Converge.
  2. If you are not using BSD, you will need to download bmake, compile it and place it in your path.
  3. Decompress Converge tar xfz converge-0.4.tgz.
  4. cd converge-0.4.
  5. ./configure [notice that this command starts with dot slash].
  6. bmake. This will compile the Converge VM, Compiler and all necessary libraries.

    You may run into memory limits with your shell whilst compiling. If so, consult your shell documentation for the ulimit command [or one of its pseudonyms] to increase the amount of memory available to processes.
You may then be interested in exploring the examples directory which contains code you can compile and run. You can compile all the example programs by executing cd examples && bmake when you are in the base Converge directory.

At the moment the best documentation for Converge is the quick start guide.