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Converge for Windows [Cygwin]

Version 0.2 (2004/10/04)

Installation steps:
  1. Ensure that your copy of Cygwin is upto date. If you do not have Cygwin installed, or your version is out of date Cygwin can be installed via the Cygwin setup program - following the defaults should be sufficient.

    You will require two additional packages to be installed in Cygwin. In both cases the packages can be found by opening up the devel category in Cygwin:
    • The latest version of both the pcre and pcre-devel packages. At the time of writing the current version in Cygwin is 4.5.1.
    • The latest version of GCC. You only need to install the 'plain' GCC package.
  2. Download Converge.
  3. Download bmake.exe and place it in your path.
  4. Decompress Converge. You can either use WinZip which automatically handles and decompresses .tar.gz files, or use Cygwin and execute the command tar xfz converge-0.2.tgz.
  5. You now need to be in the Cygwin shell. First of all change directory to where the decompressed Converge files live: cd converge-0.2.
  6. Execute the command ./configure [notice that this command starts with dot slash].
  7. bmake. This will compile the Converge VM, Compiler and all necessary libraries.
You may then be interested in exploring the examples directory which contains code you can compile and run. You can compile all the example programs by executing cd examples && bmake when you are in the base Converge directory.

At the moment the best documentation for Converge is the quick start guide.